Bushfire Management Plans

Our Business partners offer Affordable Bushfire Management Plans (BMP) that meet the criteria as referenced in SPP 3.7 and required by your local shire.

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It is very important that you confirm that anyone undertaking your bushfire management plan is accredited by FPA Australia and is listed on the register of Bushfire Planning and Design accredited practitioners. Click here to view the list

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All of our assessors hold appropriate levels of public and product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

What we do in Perth?

Our partners cater for large and small scale subdivision and development applications, this includes but is not limited to high risk land use developments and large scale residential lots

This plan sets out rick management strategies in the short, medium and long-term for the life of any given development.
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A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment is the means of calculating the impact of a given buildings’ possible exposure to direct flame, ember attack and radiant heat in increments of radiant heat expressed in kW/ m2. They form the foundation for instituting the requirements for construction to improve protection of any given building elements from bushfire attack.
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A bushfire protection criteria statement is a performance-based document used for judging bushfire risk management measures. All assessments must be done against the criteria and are to be commenced for any strategic planning proposal, subdivision and development application when a site has or on completion will, a BAL rating above BAL–LOW or bushfire hazard level above ‘Low’. The bushfire protection criteria contains the following four elements:

Element 1: Location
Element 2: Siting and design of developmentB
Element 3: Vehicular access
Element 4: Water

Affordable Bushfire Management Plans


In the life of any given project delays quite simply equal loss of money, our primary focus when undertaking any project is to understand the time restraints placed on that project. We constantly focus on building relationships with local shires and councils to minmise any delays.


We understand that price will always be the main deciding factor when any client reviews our quotes. We pride ourselves on not only delivering a high-quality product but on delivering that product at an extremely competitive price. If you find a lower quote please let us know so we can price match it.


Not only do out projects need to be fast and affordable, we need to always focus on client and public safety.

Bushfire management plans and BAL assessments

In many parts of Western Australia, bushfire threat is increasing due to hotter, drier weather conditions associated with long-term climatic changes and development expansion where urban, rural and natural areas interface. The personal and community devastation that can be caused by uncontrolled bushfires requires close attention to the consistent application of policy objectives that prevent or manage such effects.

Under certain weather conditions, bushfire incidents can reach catastrophic magnitudes. Fire conditions may be such that even development consistent with planning policy and building controls may not be enough to ensure the bushfire threat is sufficiently reduced to avoid injury or property damage. Bushfire threat can never be completely eliminated and landowners should recognise the need for management measures when assuming a level of voluntary personal risk through choosing to live in bushfire prone areas